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On September 12, 2001, Bunny passed away at her home. She became a member of our family in December of 1997, and quickly gained our hearts. She is missed very much by all of us.
Bunny loved to play soccer, moving the ball across the floor, and scoring goals between the legs of the stool. She loved people snacks like pop tarts, M&Ms and banana chips. She could be a bit mischievous too. She loved to untie your shoes, and chew on papers. But most of all, Bunny was always there to hug on a bad day, and was so happy to see you when you got up each morning, or arrived home. She would run right up to greet you as soon as she saw you. Her happy face always made you smile. She would scratching at your door at night to let you know she missed you and was a little worried.

Bunny was a great companion and a special friend. Our home seems very empty without her. Please, ask the Creator to tell her she is loved very much here, and light a candle for her.