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About The Artist

Though a high ranking graduate of York County Commercial Art Vocational School, Mel Gotwalt did not immediately embark on an art career. Instead, with the appeal of the mission and technology of the United States Air Force and a certain love of high consequential challenges, she enlisted and served as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Specialist. Stationed at both Luke AFB, and Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ, Mel had the opportunity to see a wide variety of aircraft flying into and stored at the Davis-Monthan facility. The appreciation of the beauty of the variety of aircraft designs became even more enhanced after she touring the Garber Facility. Realizing that more people should be able to see these planes, and excited about the possibility of the Dulles Facility, she wanted to help these efforts come to pass, so the idea of a limited edition print series was born. Mel selected the medium of pen and ink for several reasons. First, the black and white color choice seems to enhance the historical tones that each of the planes has contributed to our world. Secondly, the nature of the basis black and white fits comfortably into any decor, be it office or at home in a den, family room, or study. Finally, she selected this medium as a reflection of her own personal nature. Pen and ink work, just like de-arming bombs is an unforgiving medium, leaving little room for error and provides personal challenge for the artist. As a final note, Mel hopes looking at these planes will be an inspiration to you, as it has her and perhaps her more famous cousin before her, Amelia Earhart. May you look at them, and set your sight towards the skies, and feel the courage to fly and reach for your dreams.

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WWII Aircraft Prints: